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Get more from your money with Amex Prime online bank accounts.

Take control of your finances and enjoy all the benefits of banking in the U.S. without needing to be a U.S. resident or citizen. Make instant purchases online, in-store or with a tap of your phone.

Checking Accounts

Get a checking account that’s just right for you.

Bill Payment

Pay your bills in a timely and secure way.


We have made it easy to apply for a personal loan.


Tailored insurance solutions for your individual needs.

Personal Banking

Why bank with Amex Prime!

Convenient. Simple. Secure. It just makes your life easier. You can do your banking anywhere and anytime from your mobile device or personal computer.

You can pay bills, send money to friends or family, check account balances, and keep track of all your transactions.

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How to Apply

Get Your Account in 3 Easy Steps

If you're looking for a basic checking, money market, or savings account, Amex Prime has the option that's right for you.


Have your documents ready before you start.


Click on Signup Online banking and complete your application form.


We will let you know within 48 hours if your account has been approved.

Amex Prime Digital Wallet

Change the Way You Bank

Take your next step with Amex Prime Wallet - checking, savings and financial tools designed to go wherever you do.

It’s safe. Secure. And so convenient.

Digital wallets, also known as mobile wallets, allow users to store their payment information, such as credit or debit card details, on their smartphones or other devices. When making a purchase, the user simply needs to open the digital wallet app, select the payment method they want to use, and authorize the transaction.


It’s easy to securely and conveniently keep your Amex Prime Debit Card information on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch digital wallet. Once your debit card information is stored in your Digital Wallet.


This process is much faster than traditional payment methods like cash, checks, or even credit cards, which require physical exchange, verification, and processing. Additionally, digital wallets often offer features like one-click payments or contactless payments, which further streamline the payment process and reduce transaction time.

Business Banking

Our Relationships With Businesses

It's so helpful when your banker understands your business, including your cycles, your competition, and your customers. We have industry expertise in many different businesses, and we make sure you get the attention you need from an advisor who understands your challenges and unique situation.

Start Up

If you're just starting a business or have one that's still in the early stages of operation we can help guide you through this critical time.


You've built a reputation for quality work and service but you want to do more. Talk to us about your vision and we'll help you see it through.

Non Profit

You have an organization that provides valuable community service. We respect your work and we're committed to helping you serve.

Our Services

Personal Banking Services

Banking today is more than just accounts, it's access and accessories, safety and security, calculations and so much more. Amex Prime provides our clients with a broad spectrum of services to accompany their accounts. There are tips on keeping your financial information safe, tools to help you meet your goals, and answers to several commonly asked questions. Choose from the links below for more information.

Online banking

Bank from home or on-the-go with 24/7 online and mobile access to your accounts.

Consumer Credit Cards

Explore our credit card options to help build your personal credit. We have a card for every need.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your prized possessions and important paperwork safe and secure.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Protect your information and identity with this helpful information.

Financial Calculators

Use our handy (and diverse!) calculators to help you plan for the future.

House & Property Loans

Our exclusive mortgage package created for first-time home buyers with so many loan options.